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Dimensione Pietre Preziose

Dimensione Pietre Preziose was founded in 1995 providing wholesale and retail sales of precious and semi-precious gemstones and synthetic stones. The company has its main office in Padova, Italy, with two other sales warehouses for precious stones in the gold districts of Valenza and Arezzo. These geographic locations make Dimensione Pietre Preziose the main supplier to jewellery, gold and fashion jewellery manufacturers.

The majority of our diamonds are accompanied by certificates issued by the leading international certification boards (IGI, HRD, GIA), giving all the essential characteristics and information to establish the quality and price of the diamonds. The main characteristics are carat, colour, purityand cut.

Dimensione Pietre Preziose is also the official distributor in Italy for Durafourg SA, the Swiss leader in working and cutting synthetic stones.

Buying from our company is safe and convenient. Our product quality is guaranteed by the extensive technical know-how of our experts, who, in order to bring our customers and clients a certified diamond supply, scrupulously select all the stones in their countries of origin:


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For info please contact us by contact form or email to: info@dimensionepietre.com

Dimensione Pietre Preziose can help you with personalized and free advice, write to us to get in touch.


Dimensione Pietre Preziose s.r.l.
Piazza Unità d’Italia, 3
Vigodarzere (Padova)

Tel.: +39 0498873983
Fax: +39 0498889637
Email: info@dimensionepietre.com

Arezzo Warehouse:
Valenza Warehouse:

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